Profile of Hira Group Applying market experience ITCO Global has organically developed viable and diverse trading strategies that have positive expected value relative to their associated risks. With an entrepreneurial mindset, ITCO Global is constantly refining its existing businesses and developing new strategies.

These are becoming highly important in the success of our services. We value simplicity in delivery & structure relationships with our clients to best suit their needs. ITCO Global's success has been built on effective, mutually beneficial & long-standing relationships with its customers and partners.

ITCO Global works with the referenced agencies in Turkey providing business development services as ;
  • Export and import solutions
  • Market research for our partners
  • Interpreting and contact facilitation with buyers & sellers
  • Documentation and legal assistance transportations and freight forwarding assistance.
  • Fair organizations and intercomunication assistance.
  • Getting an information and refferences about the corporates' business history